Match Report 04/09/11 – Furies @ NYRC

Furies  vs. NYRC – Game 1
Firey and scrappy from the get go, the DC Furies showed from the starting whistle that they came to play this past Saturday. Stellar defensive work and a lot of pressure on NYRC led to the Furies creating a good bit of turnover ball in the first 20 minutes of the game. The relentless nature of NYRC’s strong attacking forwards eventually broke through and the reigning national champions showed that they too came to play. In quick succession NYRC scored several converted tries while the Furies struggled to find their groove. At halftime the score was 26-0 in favor of NYRC. Taking the break to regroup and develop a game plan moving forward, the Furies came back in the 2nd half ready to prove they were equal. And equal they were, putting up 19 points to NYRC’s 17 before the end of the game. A better use of turnover ball and exploiting the speed and depth of the Furies back line was extremely successful. Forward momentum was the name of the game in the 2nd half and the Furies showed that they can hang with the best.

Half: New York 26 – Furies 0
Final: New York 43 – Furies 19

Tries: Hogan; Klinger, Love
Conversions: Bond (2)

Furies  vs. NYRC – Game 2
The wind picked up in the afternoon making for a bit of a different game as the Beasties stepped onto the field and a curious referee situation resulted in the game being played as a 20 minute first half and 40 minute second half – with a referee substitution between periods. Nevertheless the Furies B-side was ready to go attacking relentlessly in the first period. Working through both the forwards and the backs, the Furies were able to establish extremely consistent phase play and attack according to plan. With one converted try in the bag, the short period was whistled over just as the Furies were about to score again. The second period proved to be much more defensive minded for the Furies as NYRC gained significant offensive territory for the first time all game. Still, the Furies managed to score a well deserved team try in the 26th minute of the period. NYRC notched two unconverted tries in the period and the score stood at 12-10 in favor of DC until the last play of the game. NYRC opted to kick for points off a penalty and the kick was good giving them the win 13-12. Despite a heartbreaking last second loss, the Beasties worked hard all game and showed grit and determination throughout.

Half: Furies 7 – New York 0
Final: New York 13 – Furies 12

Tries: Whited; Beard
Conversion: Cavalier

Video: Video is available here.


DC Furies under Triboro Bridge

Special thanks to DC Furies sponsor Nellie's for the great shirts!!

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