Match Report 04/02/11 – Baltimore Mini Tourney

Game 1 – 3 periods – Furies v. Chesapeake
While the first period was a little chaotic and hurt for some definitive tackling, the second period started strongly with a well-supported try and nice conversion.  Chesapeake slowly began to inch their way into Furies territory, but a firm wall of defense cleared up the advance and took the game back to the halfway line.  From there, the Furies steadily inched towards the opponent’s try zone for the remainder of the period.  At the beginning of the third period, the team struggled to both maintain and gain ball possession, and Chesapeake eventually scored after several intense attacks.  However, a quick turnover after the kickoff ensured a run deep into Chesapeake territory, where the Furies attacked tenaciously for the remainder of the match.

End of first period: 0-0
End of second period: Furies 7 Chesapeake 0
End of third period: Furies 7 Chesapeake 5

Try: Klinger
Conversion: Bond

Game 2 – 2 periods – Furies v. Severn River
The first half started strongly with a try soon after kickoff, but Severn quickly answered with two unconverted tries, and the teams battled fairly equally for the remainder of the half.  With the start of the second half, both tackling and defense improved greatly, allowing the Furies to snag another try several minutes into the game but still leaving them a few points behind.  After volleying ball possession until nearly the end of the half, the Furies stole the ball from Severn on the last play of the game and finished the match with beautifully supported try and final conversion to win their second game of the day.

Half time: Severn River 10 Furies 5
Final score: Furies 19  Severn River 15

Tries: Bell (2); Bernstein
Conversions: Welter (2)

Video: all of the match video for 4/2/11 is available at:

Many thanks to Katya for providing the match report!

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