Match Report 03/26/11 – Furies A&B vs. NOVA A&B

Saturday March 26 was the date of the annual grudge match between local rivals NOVA and the DC Furies. It is always a hard-hitting game full of emotion. Over the past few years the two teams have joined forces to use the match to build awareness and raise money to support cancer research. This year’s match was specifically in honor of two Furies and NOVA alum who are struggling with cancer. Baked goods, grilled food and camaraderie are out in full force after the games to raise money and do our part to help in the fight against cancer.

Furies A vs. NOVA A
The Furies played tenacious defense throughout the whole game, but couldn’t find enough of an offensive spark to beat NOVA this year. The Furies went down 10-0 in the first half due to some very aggressive play from NOVA’s forwards as the wind was a huge factor in Saturday’s kicking game. DC played some very significant goal line defense and tirelessly held NOVA at bay for nearly 80% of the first half. Unfortunately, DC wasn’t able to get the ball often enough to create scoring opportunities. The second half continued to show why this match is always a battle with strong defensive stands on both sides. NOVA was able to score once in the second half while DC was able to break through and put some points up within the last 10 minutes of the game.

Half: NOVA 12 Furies 0
Final: NOVA 17 Furies 7

Try: Beard
Conversion: Bond

Furies B vs. NOVA B
Furies B stepped it way up this week with a fantastic match vs. NOVA B. After working out the defensive kinks in practice during the week, the Beasties worked hard to keep NOVA from scoring and wove in some fantastic offense as well. Furies started the game off with several multiple-phase offensive series working down the field. This effort was rewarded with a powerful converted try under the posts at the 9th minute. NOVA B found their rhythm toward the latter part of the half and sent their centers crashing through the Furies to score two tries before the halftime whistle. With a renewed determination to win, the DC forwards created quick rucks which allowed the backs to overload NOVA and score wide multiple times in the second half. Quick thinking, good hands and great communication all over the field made this a fantastic Furies win. The Beasties are proud to have beaten NOVA for the first time in at least 3 years. Way to go Furies B!

Half: NOVA 10 Furies 7
Final: Furies 22 NOVA 15

Tries: Foote; Dean; Klinger; Swavola
Conversion: Bond

Video: all of the match video for 3/26/11 is available here.

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