Savannah Day 2 Recap

The Furies had a great day at the Savannah tournament today!

Continuing to showcase the strength and team cohesion the team found yesterday, the Furies started out the game by going up 19-5 in the first half. At the final whistle, it was Furies on top of Wisconsin 24-10 giving the team a 2-1 record for the weekend.

Coach Fitz was very pleased with the team play (especially considering it was a Sunday morning and the clocks sprang forward earlier that morning) and commented that passing, rucking and possession were all stellar. Team play abounded with most scores being solid team tries made  possible by a lot of good phase play.

The first try of the day was scored by Shanley with an assist by Liz, a great 8-9 combination off a pick. Great team play led to 3 tries by Ida as well. Both Amy and Ida were able to notch one conversion.

Congrats to all the Furies who traveled to Savannah! Bring that trophy home!

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