Furies Foundation: Planning for the Next Generation

The DC Furies Foundation was formed in 2005 with the main goal of raising money for the future sustainability of the club.  The Furies Foundation is not a separate legal entity, but is a committee of the DC Furies club, i.e., the Washington Women’s Rugby Football Club (WWRFC).  The Foundation has a Board of Directors that consists of four seats designated for alumni, two seats designated for players, three at large seats and the immediate past chair.

It is important to know that the DC Furies club – WWRFC – has the tax-exempt status of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, not the Furies Foundation.  The Foundation raises money on behalf of the club, never for “The Foundation”.  The money raised by the Foundation belongs to the club.

In addition to fundraising, the Foundation helped the club obtain its tax-exempt status and is helping the club organize its finances to comply with the requirements for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. (Thanks, Joanne Correira and Liz Ogden!)  Last year, the Foundation made a concerted effort to re-connect with the Furies alumni by providing them regular updates and inviting them to the banquet.  (Thanks, Dre Khoury!)

The Foundation’s goals for 2011 include:

  • Continue to strengthen the connection between the current club and the alumni
  • Raise money through several fundraisers, including a wine tasting in May or June, a miniature golf tournament in late summer, and an appeal to alumni toward the end of the year
  • Help the club comply with the requirements for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Please look for information and updates on these activities.  If you would like to be added to the Furies alumni email list, please contact Dre Khoury at drekhoury@gmail.com.  If you are interested in helping the Foundation or if you have ideas for activities, please contact Nancy Fitz at fitz@house-o-dogs.com.

Many thanks to Nancy Fitz for providing this article!

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