Welcome Rookies – You Rock!

This past Tuesday the Furies kicked off the season with a team meeting to get things going. The team packed Katya’s house (and who doesn’t love a house full of ruggers?!) for a few hours of discussion, voting and old fashioned admin stuff.

SB recruited so many rookies this season that they might just have outnumbered the vets at the meeting! And the true mark of a good rookie group: several have already signed up to travel to Savannah to participate in the spring travel tournament!

Coming up soon, the long awaited rookie night!

This year we’ll welcome all 394248230498 rookies (possible exaggeration, but SB really did do a good job) after our Keystone/Norfolk match on Saturday March 19. While it won’t be at night after practice, the post social event should be even more fun than usual. Hamilitons will host us as it does for all good rookie events. So mark your calendars now: March 19, Hamilton’s Bar & Grill, after the on-field social. BE THERE!

Welcome to all Spring 2011 Rookies!

If you’re interested in joining the Furies please contact SB: vice_pres@dcfuries.com

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