Furies Travel to Florida for Elite Trials Camp

Last month several Furies participated in the USA Rugby Elite Trials Camp held at the Detroit Tigers Spring training facility, in Lakeland Florida. Jeanna Beard (who plays 7s with the Furies), Ida Bernstein, Laura Miller and Ashley  Sorensen (15s and 7s) attended the camp. Fury Kellie Cavalier also took part as one of the event’s managers. A group of 60 players, ranging from U20 to World Cup athletes, as well as 7’s pool players, competed for spots in the Women’s National Team Pool and Developmental Pool. These lists have not yet been released but our athletes are hopeful.

The camp took place over a four day period combining both 7’s and 15’s with Ric Suggitt as lead coach and Pete Steinberg and Rich Ashfield assisting. With the players spending much of the time split into subunits the Furies back row players were able to spend a significant amount of time working together with Ida, Ashley, and Laura all playing as Flankers or #8. Despite the rain the final day of camp consisted of a 3 part scrimmage complete with a lightning strike in the 3rd period to end the weekend, luckily play was cut short by only a matter of seconds.

Congrats to all the Furies who were able to attend…way to represent!

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